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Prescription by Post Service
NHS Prescriptions How it works?

We can dispense and send out all NHS prescriptions within 48 hours of receipt (so you would usually receive your medicine within 3 days of posting it to us). This is a free service.

However, if your medicines need to be refrigerated, there will be a small charge to pay.

Local Pharmacy NHS and Private Prescription London uk

Step 1

If you do not pay for your prescriptions then you should also tick the relevant box on the back of the form.

Step 2

Put your prescription in an envelope and send it to us with the right payment, or proof that you do not have to pay.

If you pay for your medicines then you must pay the NHS fee of £6.40 per item. For example if there are two items on your prescription you pay £12.80, and three items would cost £19.20. Please write a cheque for the full amount – do not send cash.

If you do not pay for your medicines, please send proof of this with your prescription. We will send your document back with your medicines. If you don't have proof, don't worry, we can still send your medicine - however we will have to state on the back of your prescription that we have not seen your evidence.

Send the prescription, together with your payment or proof that you do not have to pay, to this address:

Weston Pharmacy
3 St Stephens Parade
Green Street
Forest Gate
E7 8LQ

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Step 3

When we receive your prescription through the post, we will process it and send your medicines back within 48 hours.

We are only allowed to dispense prescriptions written by UK registered prescribers – this means that your prescription must have been written by someone officially allowed to do so, such as your G.P

Step 4

You will receive your medicine through the post. Usually it should arrive within 3 days, but if the post is delayed for any reason it might come later.

If you are a local customer and you wish to collect your medicine at our pharmacy in person and to pay for it at the time, we will have it ready for you. When you send the prescription to us, please tell us the date and time that you would like to collect it, instead of sending a cheque.

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